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When Zola went on-line in the spring of 2008, I was hopeful that it would help educate people about environmental issues, empower women by showing them that since they are responsible for buying at least 80% of household goods, their buying decisions have the potential to influence what products are available in the marketplace, and make it easy and affordable for people to make more sustainable choices.

Six years later, due to a groundswell of environmental organizations, products, and services (and subsequent marketing), people went from wondering what it meant to "be green," to hearing terms like "green washing" and "green fatigue." As of this year, incandescent light bulbs are no longer being manufactured, the Nissan Leaf electric car has sold 100,000 units worldwide, and the marketplace for "organic" and "sustainable" products has grown exponentially. There are even "apps" on iPhones to find and rate green products! I definitely could not imagine that six years ago!

Now that there are many green products readily available, and numerous outlets in which to purchase them, including the ubiquitous Amazon marketplace, I feel that the time has come to phase out the retail aspect of Zola.

While both the awareness of environmental issues and more eco-friendly alternatives have increased, I still feel like we are a long way from a truly a sustainable future. I remain dedicated to the path of environmental education and activism, and am looking forward to continuing to branch out in those areas.

To thank you for your patronage over these last six years, please accept this 30% off coupon which can be used for any items while supplies last. Enter the coupon code: 30PRCNT when checking out.

I hope you continue to find the good that you can do each day to create a more healthy, peaceful, and sustainable future.

With sincere gratitude,

Beth Remmes
Founder, Zola Goods LLC




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