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Do you feel like you are a conscious consumer, but wished there was a comfortable way to talk to your friends and neighbors about the impact of their choices?

Like a great book club discussion, a Zola party will leave you and your guests feeling enlightened, educated, and empowered to look at life a bit differently.

With interesting, and sometimes startling facts, your Zola Coordinator will take you through the life of an average American consumer to show you and your guests how to make small changes to improve your lives and surrounding environment.

Inspired by this message, you and your guests will then have the opportunity to order high-quality, affordable, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible products. Orders will be shipped directly to your guests, so you will not be responsible for their distribution.

To thank you for being a host you will receive an organic cotton Zola shopping tote. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you inspired your community to be part of the solution!

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